Project Description

Aircraft Factory

One of Portland’s most iconic buildings, immediately recognizable from I-84, the Gordon’s Fireplace building has a storied history. Built in the early 20th century by one of Portland’s notable homebuilders, the building was commissioned to build wings for the war effort during WWI. The timber of Oregon forests was an integral part to making the wings of these early aircraft, and the Aircraft Factory’s long narrow layout optimized it for production lines.

The narrow floors and extensive glazing will now serve as incredible office and retail space, offering plentiful natural light, selective views to Mt. Hood and easy access to I-84, Grant Park, Laurelhurst and the Hollywood District. Through the historic tax credit program, the building will have full seismic and life safety retrofitting while restoring and highlighting the brick, plaster and heavy timber structure.

Year Built: 1918

Building Area: 29,000 SF

Financing: Historic Tax Credits